What is CapaciCard?

CapaciCard enables authentication, identification or authorization of users taking advantage from the inherent capacitive features of multitouch screens, like smartphones’ or touchpads’ ones. Neither NFC, connection, nor additional hardware are required, just a cost-effective card.


Cost Effective

Authenticate in many services with a single card

Paired with your device

CapaciCard is a simple plastic card with some capacitive points inside forming a unique graph for each user. Any capacitive screen (like that ones from multitouch smartphone screens or laptop touchpads) can read them.

CapaciCard enables many dispositions inside, so just with a card you will be able to be authenticated in any web. The web will only need to be slightly modified to take advantage of this technology.

Leave passwords and coordinate cards behind. CapaciCard is simple and easy to use. Do not fear to mislead the card: It has been previously paired with your devices with a simple process.

How it works

First steps




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